Welcome on the best fan-page ever!

Here, we won’t talk only about one celebrity, but every Bollywood celebrity that we love.

My favourite celebrities (Amy) are Preity Zinta and Parineeti Chopra, but Sarah prefers Soha Ali Khan, Vidya Balan and Richa Chadda.

Let us know which celebrities are your favourite and we’ll make sure we add them if they are not mentioned on the site already! If you think you don't know enough about your favourite Bollywood star to judge which one is your favorite, you're on the perfect blog! You’ll be able to find ours articles just above, in the search bar. We write articles about many different Bollywood stars, and you'll read each time: a quote, a bit about their personal life, awards and their filmography. At some point we will be adding in a Bollywood fashion section, so we can track what our favourite stars have been wearing.

We created this page because of our love of the movie industry and the Bollywood songs, I find that these artists are sometimes badly known or that they have unfairly bad reputations, when more often than not these stars really have brilliant talents and are wonderful. On this blog you will have the opportunity to follow your favourite biggest Bollywood star and to keep up to date with the latest movie and song release news.

This blog is free to access for all and you can comment, have discussions on a topic of your choosing (keep it friendly though or you will be banned. You can see all the fashion trend of our beautiful Indian stars and we will show you how to recreate the look with cheaper outfits and accessories and where to find them.

Our sources of information are public, we can tell you where we find our information, the most part is thanks to the artist themselves who we’ve built up contact with over the years and other informational websites.

Let us know if you love them and which celebrity you want to see on our website! We’ll take your advices with pleasure.

We hope that you’ll be interested by our work.
Lot of love,

Amy & Sarah